The FastLane Program is designed for elite smart mobility startups. The selected companies will go through a tailor-made program based on their needs and status, leveraging DRIVE's experience, expertise, and global connections to support achieving their strategic goals. 


The program offers a one-of-a-kind intimate and ongoing engagement process with our strategic partners in order to find the best synergy. We construct these direct relationships via our partners' visits to Israel and global visits to their headquarters in the US, Sweden, and Japan.


The FastLane program has three phases - The first phase is where we build an individual plan and goals list and start to target relevant partners while matching the right advisors to each startup. During the second phase, we will focus on developing an accurate and unique value proposition, along with identifying the real market need. During that time we are simultaneously creating first connections with the right champions from our strategic partners, focusing on face to face meetings in Israel, US, Sweden, and Japan. The third and final phase of the FastLane program includes qualification of the best opportunities and co-building the roadmap for a pilot with the partner.


On top of the collaboration opportunities with our partners, each participating startup will have a supporting cast that includes the program manager, a dedicated experienced advisor and a bi-weekly business development meeting with DRIVE's management team.


As part of the FastLane program, the startups will be entitled to join our Co-working space free of charge, enjoy our office services and aull coverage for accommodation and meal expenses during our global visits.   



Admission Process


  1. Online application.

  2. Meetings with DRIVE's management team

  3. Interviews with our strategic partner








1.     Who can apply?

The program is mainly aimed at post Seed companies with an initial product, but we are always open for exceptional teams and ideas.


2.     What do the DRIVE FastLane companies receive?

We estimate the value of the program at over $250,000, including free working space and office services, hands-on work with our industry partners, endless hours of expert advice, professional sessions, accommodation and meals during our global visits, and expert classes.


3.     How long does the FastLane program last?

The program lasts five to six months. 


4.     Is there a demo day at the end of the program? 

No. unlike an accelerator that is focused on a demo day to attract investors, we are focused on an ongoing engagement and collaboration with our global partners. We do have global visits and great exposure for leading investors, but that is not our main goal.


5.     Do we have access to office services or other services?

Yes, you can enjoy free office services as well as leading and affordable professional services from our recommended service providers


6.     As a FastLane member can we work with any of DRIVE’s partners?

Yes, our goal is to facilitate the relationship between startups and our partners with a mutual interest for both. 


7.     Can the FastLane program or DRIVE invest further in my startup?

DRIVE is not an investment entity. However, DRIVE has an exclusive partnership with an early stage fund called Next Gear fund, which can provide very generous deal terms for strong DRIVE FastLane participants and alumni. 


8.     Does the participation require exclusivity from the startup side?

No. We don't ask for any exclusivity, and we know that the best startups (that we are aiming for) will want to work with other partners and corporates. Our goal is the startups' success and we will never do anything that is not aligned with that. 


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