Privacy Policy

Last updated on 06/10/2022

1.1. Future   Smart  Mobility   Center  Ltd.  (hereinafter:  the  “Company”)  respects   your privacy and is committed to protecting the personal information that we have concerning you.
This Privacy Policy clarifies the types of information that we collect about you, how we collect it, what measures we take to protect your information in a secured manner, what security measures you must take and what uses we make of the information.  We also set out the possibilities available to you regarding your personal information when you ask us to provide you with services.

1.3. Contact us: We hope that this Policy answers your questions regarding the collection and use that we make of your personal information.  If that is not the case, or if you have other questions, please contact us by email at:

1.4. When you ask us to provide you with services, including use of the Site, you agree that we will collect, save and use your personal information in the manner that is set out in thisPolicy, and you agree to the risks that are set out in the section regarding security.

1.5. Scope

This Policy covers the personal information that we collect concerning you for transactionsfor the sale of the Company’s motorcycle brands and for the sale of trucks (the "Services”).This Policy does not deal with information that does not personally identify you, such asanonymous aggregate information.

1.6. Legal Issues

We operate in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and we strive to comply with allof the privacy laws that are in place in various countries and that apply to the personalinformation that we collect and use.

1.7. Amendments

We may amend this Policy from time to time.  If we do so, the amended Privacy Policy will apply as of the date of its publication on our Website.

If any amendment causes this Policy to protect your personal information to a lesser extent, it will not apply to information that we collected concerning you prior to the effecting of the amendment.  The only exception to this shall be if we have given notice of the amendments to you and have given you the opportunity of instructing us not to apply them to your personal information.

1.8. Collection

We will collect information concerning you from various sources for our business.  The examples that we set out below are for clarification only and do not constitute a full list of the methods of our operations.

What do we collect?

Name, email address, (hereinafter: “Personal Information”). Depending on the Service requested,  we will sometimes need to receive additional information concerning you, which may be required to provide the service.

1.9. Sources

We collect Personal Information concerning you:
• During conversations with our representatives;
• On our websites;
• At the Company’s offices and sales sites;
We also  collect Personal Information  concerning you  from a variety of  other sources,
including related companies or entities with which we collaborate

1.9.1. Cookies

“Cookies” are a set of data that is sent to your computer from our internet server in order to enable the server to identify your computer.

Cookies help us to improve the quality of your visits to our Website, by making the ordering process faster and with fewer faults.  The information that they provide helps us to develop content and characteristics which we believe will benefit you.

We use cookies in order:

• To follow up the way in which you use our Websites during any given visit, to remember the data that you provide and the choices that you make, during your progression from one page to the next (“session cookies”).

• To identify you on your next visit (“persistent cookies”).

By adapting your web browser or installing certain software, you can limit the use that we make of cookies.  If you act in this way, you must be aware of the following:

• If you limit the use that we may make of session cookies, you will not be able to make use of our Websites or certain characteristics of our email messages.  You should be aware that session cookies are usually deleted or are no longer available to us once you close your browser.

• If you limit the use that we may make of persistent cookies, you will still be able to enjoy full operation of our Websites and email messages but you will be required to enter certain data each time, anew, at the start of every new visit to our Website.  Despite the fact that persistent cookies are not automatically deleted and the availability of them is not harmed when the browser is closed, they will typically “expire” after several years.

If you are still uncertain about cookies, please note that the data that comprises our cookies will usually be meaningless to anyone else.  In addition, cookies are unable to reconstruct data from your computer’s hard disk or transmit computer viruses.

1.9.2. Pixel Tags

In addition, we are entitled to use “pixel tags” or similar technologies that enable us to follow up your activities when you use our Websites, or when you receive our email messages.  Pixel tags are used for the collection of anonymous information in order to assist us in determining popular orders, clicks and other information for the purpose of improving our Service.  We use them in order to identify what online advertisements or email led you to our Website.

1.9.3. Websites of Other Companies

Our Websites and email messages might contain links to websites that are operated by other companies.  You should be aware that any collection or use of information that you provide on such websites shall be subject to the privacy policy of the company providing the website, and not to our Policy.

1.10. Use of Information and Transfer of Information to Other Parties

1.10.1. We work with various companies in order to provide you with the service that you request.  These companies are independent companies which are not owned or controlled by us and therefore, this Policy does not apply to them.  However, in order for you to receive optimal service, we need to transfer your Personal Information to these parties, including the transfer of information overseas where necessary.  Therefore, for the purpose of provision of the Services, Personal Information concerning you will be collected and transferred to other parties so long as such is necessary for the purpose of the Service that you have requested, and in light of the goals that are set out in this document.

1.10.2. When such information is provided to other parties for the purpose of provision by them of a service, the privacy laws of the destination country and the privacy policy of the recipient of the information will apply to the transfer, and the rules that are set out in this Policy shall not apply.

1.10.3. The details that you provide when you contract with us, and any other time you contact us, shall be kept in a computerized database that is owned by the Company. You are under no legal obligation to provide details of yourself, but if you do not provide us with certain details, we will be unable to provide you with particular services under this Agreement. If you are not interested in providing the information, we will ask that you do not make use of the Website.

1.11. Protection

We act to protect the Personal Information concerning you in a secured manner in such a way which will keep it accurate, up-to-date and complete, to the extent that is necessary for the purposes for which we are making use of it.

1.12. Storage

We will usually store Personal Information about our customers so long as we believe that such is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or so long as such is necessary, in accordance with the applicable law.

Our central databases for storing the Personal Information that we collect are located on the Company’s servers in Israel.  However, we shall transfer information to our business partners overseas and to various service providers in destination countries and in other countries in which our suppliers process the information concerning you in order to provide you with the Service.  The transfer of such information will be effected in accordance with the provisions of the law.

1.13. Security

We take appropriate information security measures, including adequate physical, procedural and electronic security measures for the purpose of protecting your Personal Information, including:

• Restricting access to Personal Information by our employees;

• Enforcement of this Policy and processes with our employees during the course of their work with Personal Information;

• Use of technology that is designed for the protection of information during its transmission, including SSL1 encryption for information that you provide on our Websites.

The Company uses systems and procedures for information security on its Website. Whilst these systems and procedures narrow down the risks of unauthorized access, they are not absolutely secure. Therefore, the Company does not undertake that the services on its Websites will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored on them.

Therefore, it is your responsibility as well to take appropriate security measures (such as against viruses, computer penetration, loss of data, disclosure of secrets, etc.).

If you have an account with us and you are concerned that it might not be secured anymore, you must contact us immediately in accordance with the instructions that are set out at the end of this Policy.

1.14. Communications Security

We make endeavors to balance the securing of your information and your convenience.  As a result of that, we might sometimes use a less secure method of communication than less convenient alternatives.  For instance, we might send you an unencrypted (i.e., immediately readable) email since many of our customers are unable to access encrypted (i.e., encoded) emails.  This means that our email if incorrectly directed or diverted, might be more easily read than encrypted email.  Because of that, please refrain from including confidential information such as your credit card number in emails that you send to us.

In order to use a more secure method for communicating with us via the internet, please contact us via one of the contact methods that are set out below.

1.15. More on SSL Encryption

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” encryption.  We use this protection for the information that you provide to us on our Websites.  SSL encryption is designed to ensure that you are indeed the person who sent the information to the Company and that no one else can read or distort it during the course of its transmission.  When you are asked to provide us with your Personal Information on our Websites, you will see that the “HTTP” address of our Website changes to “HTTPS”.  The addition of the “s” means that the Website is secured for the purpose of data transfer.  You will also see a closed lock symbol on the screen, which also means that the Website is secured.

1.16. Access

You may access and peruse your Personal Information at no cost, and you may correct any factual errors by sending an email to the following address:

In order to protect your details, we may request that you provide us with information that will enable us to identify you, such as your identity card number, and information relating to the means of payment that you may provide to us.

1.17. Uses

The information that you provide will be used by us for the following purposes:

1.17.1. Operational uses

Operational uses are, for instance, the provision of services.  In order to provide you with services, we will, inter alia, use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

• Mailing purposes.

• Marketing and customer retention purposes.

• Customer satisfaction research and market research purposes in order to assist us in improving the Services.

We will maintain the privacy of your data in accordance with the law.  However, we will be entitled to disclose your details to our suppliers for the purpose of provision of the Services and we will be entitled to transfer your details to another in such circumstances as the law permits or requires, and in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions of Use and the agreement with you.  

1.17.2. Uses for Protection Purposes and Legal Uses

We are entitled to use and disclose your Personal Information as we see fit, in the context of the applicable law, in order to protect our business.  Additionally, we are entitled to share your Personal Information for legal reasons.

1.18. The Company reserves the right to disclose any Personal Information concerning you or concerning your use of the Website, including the contents of use, without obtaining your permission, if the Company believes, in good faith, that such is an essential action for the purpose of: (1) complying with the requirements of the law or the conducting of legal proceedings; (2) protecting the Company's rights; (3) enforcing the Conditions of

Use of the Website; (4) acting to protect our legitimate interests and those of others; (5) protecting you, in cases of emergency.

1.18.1. Disclosure for Corporate Transactions

We are entitled to disclose your Personal Information to other companies in the context of sale, merger or transfer of one of our Services in order to enable the other company to decide whether to continue with the transaction.  If the transaction is perfected, the Company will be required to maintain the relevant provisions of this Policy with respect to the information that has been collected concerning you.

1.18.2. Marketing Uses

We shall keep your Personal Information and we will use it in order to develop focused marketing plans and service proposals that we believe might benefit you.  Therefore, your details will be used by the Company, if you have given your consent to such in the appropriate places during the course of registration on the Website or in any other way, for the purpose of sending marketing material, advertising, service proposals, participation in campaigns, provision of benefits, the giving of various notices, conducting of surveys, etc., on any medium, including electronic mail, SMS messages, automatic dialing systems, facsimile or regular mail.  You may, at any time, notify us that you no longer wish to receive marketing content or ask to delete the information which led to the direct marketing and that is not required by us for legitimate purposes, by contacting Customer Services at the following email address:  Even after the request for removal, mailings that we are required and/or entitled to send you by law, even without your consent, may continue to be sent to you.

1.19. Additional Points

• If you elect not to receive marketing correspondence, we shall always perform your last choice.  Despite the fact that we strive to process your selections immediately, you might still receive marketing communications that had been sent to you before we received your request to cancel the registration;

• If your contact details change, please update your personal profile by contacting our Customer Service Center at the following email address We will continue to send you correspondence to the last address that was provided to us by you.

1.20. Contact Us

We hope that this Policy answers your questions regarding our collection and use of your personal information. If you have any other questions or if you are interested in contacting us for a particular purpose, please write to us using one of the following means of communication: