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Meet the relationship experts

As trusted advisors to corporations and mentors to promising startups, we’re teaching the elephant to dance with the mouse.

Drive TLV is an innovation hub focused on smart mobility

We facilitate long-term partnerships between select startups and global industry leaders by bridging gaps in mindset and market fit.

Our team leverages their experience to help startups adapt to the needs of corporate partners while teaching corporations to integrate breakthrough innovation.

We create value for both parties and co-create viable market-ready solutions.

BUILt to last

People don't understand how much goes into commercializing new technology.

“Corporations and startups are like two different animals with two different heartbeats that need to learn how to dance together.”

-Dr. Tal Cohen, Founding Partner of DriveTLV

Shortening the path to commercialization

Relationship building is the basis of our business


Hone your value prop with input from corporates and mentors

Expedite and deepen relationships with partners

Gain direct access and intros to future stakeholders


Adopt innovation faster with consulting from our experts

Meet top-tier, qualified startups hand-picked for you by Drive

Gain timely insights into the latest mobility research and trends

our team

The people behind the scenes

Raz Mayshar
Head of Scouting & Research
Samantha Ashkenazi
Business Development Associate
Nir Dashti
Head of Value Creation
Amit Swissa
Deal Flow Manager and Business Analyst
Omer Shachar
Founding Partner
Liat Piazza
Marketing Operations Manager
Itay Erel
Rosie Kadory
Operations Manager
Eyal Rabin
Head of POWER by Drive
Dr. Tal Cohen
Founding Partner
Ayelet Farkash
Marketing Manager
Daniel Levy Corry
Head of Business Development
Nadav Yetinson
Business and Research Analyst
Tamar Cahani
Office Manager


Boaz Mamo
Co-Founder and Board Member
Rani Plaut
Advisor and Board Member
Eran Sandhaus
Advisor and Board Member
Jacob Vind
Advisor and Board Member
David Linado
Advisor and Board Member
Mark Joseph
Advisor and Board Member
Thomas Hürlimann
Advisor and Board Member
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