Anagog specializes in Edge AI technology with deep technology backed by 35 patents. Anagog have developed a lightweight SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be integrated into iOS and Android apps. It can use over 50 signals in the phone to create about 16,000 data points and use them to create in the phone itself up to 600 highly personal insights. None of this information needs to leave the phone at any time. This technology focuses on privacy, ensuring that personal data stays on the user's device without being processed in the cloud. It allows to create on device AI models that can practically predict almost anything based on the fresh and unique on device data.

Contact info

Ofer Tziperman, CEO

The problem

Online personalization is not accurate and lacks real-time/world user understanding; therefore, no option to engage in real-time. Second, are issues with privacy regulations and pressure for compliance. Third, is the high entry-cost for marketing automation solutions.

Company's solution

By applying AI and ML to 1st party data that is available on the device, Anagog’s SDK generates actionable insights about users’ behavior, preferences and daily routines, regardless of the volume of their app activity. As all the analysis is performed locally, on the device, Anagog overcomes cloud and network limitations to deliver contextual engagement while preserving consumers’ privacy. The result is a much wider range of insights that make it possible for apps to optimize onboarding, increase conversion rates, enhance engagement and reduce churn.

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Worth mentioning

In November 2023 the company has merged with Intent HQ.