Addionics is a battery technology company that is paving the way forward to an electrified, sustainable society. Using an AI-powered, patented Smart 3D Current Collectors Solution that is integratable with any assembly line, Addionics empowers manufacturers to make better-performing batteries at a lower cost. As the new standard for battery design the chemistry-agnostic solution allows full compatibility with all existing and emerging battery types, powering every battery application in the world. From electric vehicles to consumer electronics, Addionics is powering the electrification transition and a greener future.

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Dr. Moshiel Biton, CEO

The problem

The global effort to electrify the economy is the defining problem of the 21st century. Underpinning the shift towards an electric future are batteries. Existing battery technologies were adequate until the rise of EVs, but the world has reached a tipping point, requiring a new generation of batteries to help manufacturers bring products to market at scale, quickly and cheaply. This is key to meeting global net-zero targets and emission standards. This problem is especially acute for the automotive industry, as OEMs and automotive companies race against time to electrify at a scale sufficient to meet rising consumer demand for EVs and align with governmental net-zero sustainability targets.

Company's solution

Addionics transforms current collectors to make them 3D, a more efficient structure to power a new era of batteries. This redesign allows for cheaper, lighter, more conductive and faster charging batteries empowering the automotive industry with safer, more powerful, more reliable and longer lasting EV batteries. The patented Addionics solution works with any kind of battery chemistry, and its drop-in solution makes integration into any manufacturing assembly line seamless, production facilities to be ready to go on day one, with zero required additions or capital requirements.

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Worth mentioning

Addionics has been awarded UKBIC grant, recognizing the company’s proven impact on battery performance and readiness for commercialization.