Addionics is a battery technology company providing Smart 3D Electrodes for the next generation of batteries. The company’s scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process combined with its AI-based optimization software significantly improves the performance of any battery chemistry achieving higher capacity, less charging time, longer lifetime and enhanced safety, all at a lower cost.

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Dr. Moshiel Biton, CEO

The problem

As climate change concerns continue to drive the transition towards clean energy and electric vehicles, batteries have become a key factor in the most important revolution of our lifetime. However, battery innovation hasn’t kept up with the pace of the electric revolution. Charging time, available capacity, lifetime degradation, and costs are key performance areas that are lacking in batteries today. While most efforts to enhance battery performance to date have focused on battery chemistry, the key to the next step change in battery performance lies within its structure.

Company's solution

Addionics is creating the next step change in batteries with its Smart 3D Electrodes. With a novel, scalable and cost-effective metal fabrication method, we produce and utilize smart 3D electrodes to enhance all battery performance simultaneously: energy density/range, charging time, lifetime, safety, and cost of batteries. While most companies try to improve batteries by focusing on chemistry, we focus on physics. This allows us to improve any battery chemistry existing and emerging, and for any application.

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Worth mentioning

Addionics was selected as a winner of the prestigious 2022 BloombergNEF Pioneers award, for its technology’s potential to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change.