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DRIVE TLV is a unique innovation hub focused on smart mobility solutions.

We create effective collaborations between handpicked startups and our corporate partners,  leading to commercial agreements.


Our partners rely on DRIVE TLV to bring top emerging technologies to their doorstep – and tailor solutions to their particular needs. We build a close relationship with each and every partner, gaining an understanding of their needs and innovation interests. We are able to create effective matches between partners and startups, based on real market needs.


FastLane is DRIVE's commercialization program.

It offers smart mobility startups the opportunity to go to market... fast. With close access to leading corporate partners, success is just around the corner.    


da8edb09-21dd-4365-bb60-1e38e681e95a.jpg, May 22nd, 2020

DRIVE alumni Arbe Robotics: Increases vehicle safety with imaging radar chipset 

Arbe Robotics is making autonomous driving a reality while also increasing safety in all cars with their 4D imaging radar chipset solution.

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C-TECH, February 3rd, 2020

Hyundai Backs Voice User Interface

Startup Kardome

Kardome, DRIVE FastLaner, has raised a seed funding round led by Hyundai Motor Company and NextGear fund.

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458f5fc2-a7d5-4ca0-b66b-4a566db07e3c.jpg, May 18th, 2020

Tactile, DRIVE alumni's technology to be incorporated in Porsche's vehicles, increasing road grip and mobility

Tactile Mobility's technology to be incorporated in Porsche's vehicles, providing smart and autonomous vehicles with the missing tactile sensing and data that improves road grip and mobility.

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Socionext_Foxconn_Hailo.jpg May 12, 2020

Hailo, AI chipmaker and DRIVE alumni partners with Foxconn 

Hailo partners with Foxconn to launch the next-generation AI processing solution for video analytics, benefiting applications including smart cities, smart medical, smart retail, and industrial IoT.

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