CAARESYS develops a non-contact passenger monitoring system based on RF technology (camera free) which makes the vehicle cabin safer.

Contact info

Ilya Sloushch, CEO

The problem

Inadequate prevention solutions for hazards within the cabin of the vehicle such as children left behind, inefficient seat belt reminders, and driver fatigue.

Company's solution

BabyCaare™ - Child/human/pet presence detection. VitalCaare™ - Passenger vital signs monitoring. The system utilizes vital signs to detect the location, health conditions, and state of each vehicle occupant. CabinCaare™ - Vehicle occupancy system. The system counts the number of passengers and their positioning.

Funding status

$3.3M (Acquired by Harman)

Number of employees


Worth mentioning

Caaresys’s 3 major systems: BabyCaare, CabinCaare, and VitalCaare are in advanced stages of development. Various POC’s are currently being conducted.