Lidwave’s deep-tech solution revolutionizes 3D sensing and making it accessible to new markets. Our novel platform uses the coherent properties instead of the speed of the light, allowing us to achieve supreme performance envelope with simple and affordable hardware.

The problem

The game-changing potential of LiDAR technology has been discussed for years in many applications, in particular road safety (ADAS & AV). But while impressive advancements have been made in the field, cost related entry barriers leave 3D sensing out of reach for many exciting initiatives. Accurate distance measurement requires high-speed, costly, and complex components that cannot be easily integrated. This hinders the adoption rate of LiDAR sensors.

Company's solution

Lidwave is approaching 3D sensing from a different perspective. Measuring the coherent properties instead of the speed of the light allows us to acquire supreme depth information using simple hardware realized on a single chip. Lidwave’s high-performance sensor is suitable for mass production via CMOS fabrication. Thus, the complexity of our sensor reduces to a camera-like operation. The result is a cost effective, robust, and reliable sensor.

Funding status

Number of employees

Worth mentioning

Lidwave was founded by experts in coherent optics who understand the fundamental barriers in current LiDAR technologies and developed a unique and applicable sensing platform. Our POC platform is ready to be explored in a variety of industries and applications.