A. D Knight

AD Knight is improving pedestrians’ safety and traffic control by passive detection of mobile phones. The solution allows municipalities, shared mobility and automotive companies to protect vulnerable road users by delivering real-time safety alerts.

Contact info

Jonathan Abir

The problem

Today, there are 0.6M pedestrians and vulnerable road users fatalities a year, which affects mobility in the cities. Preventing city’s traffic fatalities requires the ability to understand roads and sidewalks’ traffic from pedestrians to vehicles.

Company's solution

High accuracy localization and classification of all road users by passively sensing any connected devices. Sending real-time safety alerts to all road users by leveraging the city's infrastructure, e.g. traffic signs, and sending alerts to mobile phones.

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Worth mentioning

Finalized a successful PoC with a Tier-1 supplier demonstrating AD Knight high accuracy passive connected devices’ localization technology. The company has deployed its first sensor in a municipality in Israel which was adapted for COVID-19 social distancing monitoring.