Led by a team of experts in Radar architecture, CMOS RF, signal processing and algorithms, RFISEE is developing high-performance 4D imaging radar using phased array transmission and patented waveguide antenna architecture for the fast-growing ADAS and autonomous vehicles marketplace.

Contact info

Moshe Meyassed, CEO

The problem

Today’s automotive radars suffer from insufficient angular resolution and limited detection range. ADAS and AD require a much better 3D perception, which operates accurately in all weather and light conditions.

Company's solution

RFISee patented technology enables the implementation of Phased-Array radar at a price point adequate for the Automotive industry, providing real-time 3D location and velocity map of the car’s surrounding objects.

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Number of employees


Worth mentioning

The functional prototype of RFISee’s Phased-Array Imaging Radar for the Automotive, demonstrates exceptional capabilities: *Long detection range: 500m for cars and 200m for pedestrians *High angular resolution: 1° in azimuth & elevation, with 0.2° accuracy.