ADAM, Adaptive Driver’s Attention Management monitors the driver’s perception and attention in real-time , while analyzing the required cognitive resources towards prioritized content, redirects the driver’s attention to the new destination, keeping them relaxed for optimal response, during or before transfer of control.

Contact info

Erez Aluf, Co-founder and active chaiman

The problem

The company mission is to develop solutions to two critical challenges currently facing the automotive industry: -Measurement of cognitive performance, specifically the human real-time cognition capability issues caused by alcohol, drowsiness and THC. -Addressing human real-time misallocation of cognition resources.

Company's solution

ADAM’s breakthrough product, ADAM DETECT , is the world's first non-intrusive product. ADAM DETECT is able to measure the online Driver’s cognitive resources available for the driving task and provides early indications of cognitive impairment. Going forward this same technology will enable safe handover control necessary for the introduction of highly automated driving when human-machine cooperation is required.

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Worth mentioning

Adam has developed global exposure in all major automotive production markets in the US, Germany, UK, Sweden, France, South Korea, Japan and China. The company is promoting ADAM technology as a standard with EU, US and APAC regulators.