Actasys is located in Brooklyn, NY USA and solves the problem of vision sensor data loss in weather and adverse conditions. Actasys’ products detect and correct vision sensor data loss, and report on the health of the vision system, achieving safety and enabling optimal operation of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Contact info

Miles Flamenbaum, CEO

The problem

Optical sensors (camera, Lidar) cannot operate when contaminants (rain, mud) are on the sensor surface or the sensor is overheated. This is a threat to safety and the ability to achieve higher ADAS levels or fully autonomous vehicles.

Company's solution

Actasys solution detects function loss using machine learning algorithms, corrects obscuration or overheating with a patented, highly efficient, electronically controlled system of small actuator cartridges that generate strong jets of air, and reports on sensor performance, health and maintenance requirements using telematics and data analytics.

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Number of employees


Worth mentioning

Actasys has several ongoing OEM and Tier-1 development programs. A significant upgrade of its sensor cleaning system is finished and demo units are being distributed to prospective customers.