The industry—currently a global leader in selling and exporting technologically advanced products—will have to master a paradigm shift from an automobile industry that sells and services vehicles to a mobility industry that offers myriad solutions for the transport of people and goods.

McKinsey Jan, 2019

We are backed by leading partners

DRIVE offers unique opportunities for innovative mobility start-ups by partnering with multinational transportation companies so that you as an entrepreneur work directly with established leaders in the field.


Once you join DRIVE, you're literally in the same room with multibillion dollar corporations. At DRIVE startups work directly with these corporate partners to build prototypes and promote business collaborations. These partners are eager to collaborate with innovative startups in order to be early adopters of innovative technologies. 


The work occurs in an ecosystem specifically designed to promote collaboration between startups and corporations. DRIVE identifies the key decision-makers in corporations on both business and technology levels. DRIVE works with these corporate leaders hand in hand to analyze their business priorities and needs and identify the technology that will help them reach their goals. You as an entrepreneur work directly with these corporate mentors. Once a possible collaboration is identified, a corporate "champion" will be appointed to commandeer the process of adopting the technology in order to maximize the impact of the collaboration. Throughout this process, DRIVE helps navigate startups through the often murky waters of engaging with large multinational corporations

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