Midnight Robotics

Midnight Robotics (formerly SoftRide) develops retrofit autonomy kits for machinery that drive in geofenced areas. Midnight Robotics's goal is to transform any type of outdoor material handling machinery that operates in logistics areas to drive autonomously – with a plug-and-play retrofit solution. Midnight Robotics’s kits are being used today for different use cases, including container movers inside ports, as well as material handling inside logistics areas.

Contact info

Yonatan Horowitz, CEO

The problem

Today, there are no autonomous driving solutions for geofenced areas (such as ports and logistics centers) that are 100% safe, low-cost, and do not require any special infrastructure. The need for autonomous machinery and vehicles in geofenced areas increases significantly today as labor wages increase, and companies are struggling to find drivers for those areas.

Company's solution

SoftRide's solution is a plug-and-play autonomy kit - "Autonomy in a box" - sent to customers with instructions on how to install it. After the installation, the solution connects remotely to the system for calibration and software integration. SoftRide’s autonomy kit can enable autonomy within a day without the need for presence at the customer's site.

Funding status

Acquired by Fieldin

Number of employees


Worth mentioning

In the last months, the company has implemented and signed contracts to implement its automation solution with different customers in the US, the Netherlands, Italy, Israel, and Japan.