Second Life for EV Batteries

EV batteries and electrification as a whole are taking the auto industry by storm. An entire ecosystem shift from ICE to EV is likely to come with its growing pains and demand adaptations by all. While this eco friendly solution poses a dilemma for the end of life batteries, it gives way for innovative second life battery solutions. Written by DriveTLV's Research Team, in consultation with industry leaders and experts in the field, this research touches upon the challenges, main players, market trajectory, and opportunities for battery second life in this exciting time of energy revolution


COVID-19 Sanitaion Methods

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the auto industry to adapt and find the most efficient solutions for car disinfection. This is in order to mitigate both the spread of COVID-19 itself, as well as ease consumers' minds and allow businesses to thrive. Aiming to outline the main options for car sanitation, DriveTLV's research is a comprehensive summary and comparison of the main methods, companies, and innovation in the field.