The DRIVE prototype program provides an opportunity for startups to implement and demo their products and ideas by working directly with one of our sponsors. Participating startups can be from any stage. The prototyping projects will be individually tailored by DRIVE, the startup, and the corporate sponsor.

This program focuses on finding a prototype partner for smart mobility startups. However, the program is a also unique opportunity for non-smart mobility startups to find an application for their ideas and products in the mobility domain.

We are here to pair you with our industry partners such as OEM's, tier 1 suppliers, fleet management, rental companies, public transportation service providers and more. They will provide you a champion from the company and escort you throughout the process.

You will be able to use our co working space in Tel Aviv, enjoying the facilities, networking opportunities, and collaboration with our partners.  Funding for the prototype will be provided on a case by case basis.



You'll work with leading industry partners

You'll have the opportunity to validate your concepts

You'll demonstrate your product

You'll find an application for your technology in the smart mobility domain

You'll extend your network

You'll acquire clients



1.     Do you take any equity to participate?

Prototype projects equity consideration are on a case by case base.


2.     What is the program acceptance process?

Since the project involves matchmaking, the acceptance process may take a few weeks. Start with our online application, which will be followed up by a call or a meeting.


3.     Is being enrolled in the shared work space program helpful in getting into the prototype program?

Yes. If you've already been accepted into our shared work space program. You have the initial exposure to our corporate partners and that can accelerate the process.


4.     How long does a typical prototype project last?

Each project is individually tailored based on multiple factors and thus the project length will vary.