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da8edb09-21dd-4365-bb60-1e38e681e95a.jpg, May 22nd, 2020

DRIVE alumni Arbe Robotics: Increases vehicle safety with imaging radar chipset 

Arbe Robotics is making autonomous driving a reality while also increasing safety in all cars with their 4D imaging radar chipset solution.

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Globes, April 16th, 2020

DRIVE alumni Autofleet: AI fleet optimization company raises $7.5m

Autofleet offers fleet owners and operators the tools to thrive and innovate in the new mobility landscape by automating fleet management for organizations including rental car companies, car sharing operators and car manufacturers to optimize existing business models and enable the launch of new mobility services.

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C-TECH, February 3rd, 2020

Hyundai Backs Voice User Interface

Startup Kardome

Kardome, DRIVE FastLaner, has raised a seed funding round led by Hyundai Motor Company and NextGear fund.

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Business Insider, January 6th, 2020

Valeo and Moodify, DRIVE alumni, collaborate to bring an end to car malador

Valeo and Moodify, an Israeli company that develops advanced scent solutions, are announcing their first collaboration. Together, they will bring to market a ground breaking solution to car malodor.

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AutoMotive News, November 25th, 2019

Ottopia’s CEO and founder, explaining why countries are legalizing teleoperation.

Teleoperation enables a human operator to control vehicles from far away. In July, Florida became the sixth state to explicitly allow autonomous vehicle companies to use remote operators...

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458f5fc2-a7d5-4ca0-b66b-4a566db07e3c.jpg, May 18th, 2020

Tactile, DRIVE alumni's technology to be incorporated in Porsche's vehicles, increasing road grip and mobility

Tactile Mobility's technology to be incorporated in Porsche's vehicles, providing smart and autonomous vehicles with the missing tactile sensing and data that improves road grip and mobility.

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Forbes, April 1st, 2020

Drive-By Heat Sensors by UVeye Could Help Detect Vehicle Occupants With COVID-19

UVeye says thermal sensors on its drive-through vehicle inspection stations can help detect drivers and passengers who may have a fever, providing a valuable heads up to health professionals.

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The Marker, January 26th, 2020

Apollo Power's pilot experiment

Apollo Power will facilitate a pilot experiment with Cox Automotive, DRIVE's partner.

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Reuters, December 16th, 2019

Arbe, DRIVE alumni, raises $32 million in private funding round

Tel Aviv-based startup Arbe  has developed a high-resolution radar chipset that it says is a game changer for the automotive industry. Now, with a fresh injection of $32 million in capital, it’s pushing to bring it into production 

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Globes, April 16th, 2020

Hailo, AI chipmaker and DRIVE fastlaner partners with Foxconn 

Hailo partners with Foxconn to launch their next-generation AI processing solution for video analytics, benefiting applications including smart cities, smart medical, smart retail, and industrial IoT.

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Yahoo Finance, March 5th, 2020

Hailo raises $60M Series B

Israeli AI chipmaker Hailo today announced that it has raised a $60 million Series B funding round led by its existing investors.

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 AutoMotive News, January 20th, 2020

Israeli auto technology takes

center stage

CES- interview with DRIVE co-founder, Dr. Tal Cohen.

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Forbes, December 10th, 2019

Addionics, being recognized by Forbes as part of the electrification movement.

The world of transport is awash in batteries today. Battery innovation is a fiercely competitive space. Investment dollars are pouring into battery tech and manufacturing


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