Challenges and Potential Solutions with regards to Mobility

During the COVID-19 Pandemic  

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Reinventing Real-World Personalization- Anagog is helping brands to quickly understand the 'New Normal' of their consumers

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The problem: The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly changing people’s behavior. Each individual reacts differently and will emerge out of the pandemic with new behavior and lifestyle, creating a 'new normal'. Brands that do not react quickly will lose the loyalty of their customers.

Solution: Anagog allows brands to understand each customer's unique needs in real-time and offer them what they need, exactly when and where they need it. We apply artificial intelligence over the phone sensors to translate them quickly into insightful persona (micro-segments) and context (micro-moments). We offer the best privacy mechanism by allowing the phone to call for relevant services and offers without disclosing any personal data of the user.


With Anagog, brands can empower their mobile apps to become powerful artificial intelligence engines that will understand the 'new normal' of customers and will allow them to address them accordingly.


With a fraction of the cost of other cloud-based solutions, Anagog enables better engagement with consumers by understanding them based on their real-world activities and while protecting their privacy like no other system offers today.

Ofer Tziperman, CEO - ||


Motionless Vehicles -Apollo Power's Solar Solutions Eliminate Batteries Self-discharge

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The problem: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to dramatic limitations on personal mobility and travel. As a result, private vehicles are left parked for long periods of time. The vehicle’s lack of motion leads to a gradual self-discharge of its battery.

Solution: The Apollo Battery Guard prevents the battery's discharge, assuring the battery is full at all times and the vehicle is ready to go when needed. No need to jump-start the vehicle, waste money on battery replacement or fix any collateral damage - simply plug & charge. Both private and commercial vehicles.


Apollo Power provides smart solar solutions for energy consumption challenges, utilizing plug & play systems, based on proprietary technology.

Elad Sharabi, BizDev -  ||

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Meeting the Demand - Autofleet Leverages Unused Vehicles to Provide Delivery & Transportation Services 

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The problem: Demand for B2C mobility services has plummeted due to COVID-19, leaving fleets with hundreds of thousands of unused vehicles. In parallel, retailers are facing a sudden peak in demand for deliveries, and essential employees require on-demand transportation solutions that meet social-distancing and health requirements.

Solution: Autofleet provides the turn-key solution to quickly launch delivery or transportation services with existing vehicle and driver assets. The platform includes all components for launching the operation fast: booking app/ integrations to retailer delivery services, demand prediction, pooling and optimization algorithms, driver app, and control center. 

*For public service providers and healthcare systems, Autofleet is providing this support at no cost during the COID-19 pandemic.

Autofleet’s Vehicle-as-a-Service platform enables any vehicle fleet to optimize their existing business operations through automated fleet management, while leveraging vehicle and driver assets to launch new on-demand delivery and ride services.

Kobi Eisenberg, CEO - ||


Working From Home - CYE Offers Tools to Protect New Vulnerable Environments 

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The problem: COVID-19’s reality requires employees to work remotely, enabling a new and insecure gateway for retrieving sensitive information. This new vulnerability led to a dramatic increase in cybersecurity incidents reported by companies worldwide.

Solution: CYE’s offered solution consists of (1) Passive External Report (2) Expert Sessions - Online Training (1 hr. each) - focusing on cybersecurity threats, addressing COVID-19 derived concerns. 


CYE provides innovative and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, combining advanced artificial intelligence with exceptional natural intelligence, along with offerings that are delivered by world-leading security experts. 

Ronen Lago, CTO -  ||


Airless: the COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves the Doors Shut.

Moodify's Solution Keeps Vehicles Fresh

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The problem: Many rental and leasing fleets are not used during the crisis. They are standing in parking lots untouched. As a result, the vehicle's interior smell might turn stale and musty

Solution: Valeo and Moodify have an exclusive solution that can keep the smell of the car crisp and fresh when the car is sold or reused months ahead. A passive diffuser that is effective for three months could be installed in the car and ensure that when you need the car again it does not smell bad, so you can start driving or sell it with minimal delay.


Moodify develops innovative olfactory systems that harness the power of implicit and explicit olfactory processing for improved performance, safety, and wellbeing. 

Yigal Sharon, CEO -  ||

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The world's first Autonomous Traffic Management platform

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The problem: Many cities are experiencing unprecedented traffic changes as a result of COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. These changes are overwhelming traditional traffic signal timing.

Solution: NoTraffic has developed an integrated end to end solution for traffic management which changes the paradigm of traffic signal operations. Rather than adhering to a fixed cycle, an autonomous system is a traffic management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes, or adapts, based on actual traffic demand at each intersection and is connected to the entire infrastructure network, in order to manage the entire NoTraffic grid more intelligently.


NoTraffic Are Working with cities, counties and state DOT's in California, Arizona and Ohio, NoTraffic has developed a turnkey traffic management platform solving today's traffic challenges while preparing roads for the future of mobility services and the autonomous era.  

Tal Kreisler, CEO  -  ||


Overcoming Quarantine - Ravin Allows Inspectors to Review Vehicles Remotely

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The problem: physical contact is perceived as important in the process of buying and selling vehicles, returning a rental vehicle as well as inspecting and maintaining fleets. COVID-19 led to a dramatic reduction in physical presence and overall manpower, affecting the continuity and productivity of the fleets and slowing down sales cycles.

Solution: Ravin has created an artificial intelligence-enabled platform that allows fleet professionals, inspectors and adjusters from across the industry to review vehicles remotely. With a single click, Ravin activates the camera on the driver's mobile phone enabling a 360 external and internal inspection of vehicle condition. It can also leverage low-cost CCTV cameras on a parking lot with a vehicle seamlessly driving through. Ravin's vehicle appraisal allows remote damage repair evaluation, claim processing and correct valuation for an aftermarket sale.  

*Free remote inspection app to supporting incident response and fleet operations during COVID-19 crisis


Ravin uses computer vision and deep learning to monitor, detect and assess vehicle conditions. The company provides a fully autonomous solution using everyday cameras to inspect vehicles, creating trust in the car rental, sharing, sales and insurance industries. Ravin's solution has been deployed with leading fleets such as Avis Budget, scanning over 1M vehicles to date.

Eliron Ekstein, CEO -  ||


Broken Supply Chains - SoftRide Connects to In-active Machinery to Activate Them Autonomously 

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The Problem: Many manufactures and machinery are dependent on physical human factors. However, The COVID-19 epidemic causes manpower shortage which leads to non-active and broken manufacturing and supply chains.

Solution: Retrofit autonomy kits that can connect to existing machinery and transform them to drive autonomously. The solution is focused on automating material handling activities in geofenced areas. SoftRide provides a full hardware suite, as well as the required software that will be installed inside the vehicle and the control room. SoftRide’s kits are used today for different use cases, including container movers (AGVs) inside ports and material handling inside logistics areas. 

SoftRide transforms any type of outdoor material handling machinery that operates in logistics areas to drive autonomously – with a plug-and-play retrofit solution. 

Yonatan Horowitz, CEO -   ||


 Hands On - UVeye Enables Essential Maintenance Services From a Far  

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The problem: The physical human factor is crucial in the inspection and maintenance process, when conducted by car manufacturers, fleet operators and repair mechanics. COVID-19 implications deeply affect the ability to run these inspections in-person.  

In addition, today and also after the crisis, the need to efficiently and reliably identify employees with fever, while they are inside the car, and before coming to work - is of essential importance. 

Solution: Fully automated, contact-free vehicle safety inspection for emergency and delivery fleets, manufacturers, essential aftermarket shops and more. UVeye’s automatic vehicle inspection includes contactless, high accurate and fast inspection as well as detection of passenger fever and drive-through solution.  


*UVeye is willing to make its vehicle inspection stations available to health-related fleet operators, on a not-for-profit basis during the COVID-19 crisis (police and ambulance fleets as well as delivery services for food and medical equipment).

UVeye provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies that include proprietary hardware combined with machine learning and computer-vision algorithms. 

David Oren, CSO - ||

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Rethinking Traffic Management After COVID-19

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The problem: With businesses reopening and the return to the roads, Traffic Management Agencies will need to keep a close eye on congestion and traffic. As the top health officials have conceded, a second wave of COVID-19 cases is possible.

Solution: Waycare’s platform currently provides traffic operators advanced tools on a GIS based interface to manage incidents, traffic flow, closures, etc. As part of our response to COVID 19 we are working with cities and Departments of Transportation to build new functionality to ingest contact tracing related data and connected vehicle data,  and communicate critical information back to the public.


Waycare is a cloud-based SaaS platform that uses AI and proprietary algorithms to produce valuable insights for the traffic management industry. Waycare is collaborating with cities across the United States and transportation agencies.

Noam Maital, CEO -  ||